About Us

     The mission of the American YiZungYue Internal Martial Arts Association (AYZYIM) is to promote the optimal body mechanics developed by Grandmaster Pan Yue, the Pre-Heaven Power Method, to the world's martial arts community and conduct research to further refine the mechanics.  The Pre-Heaven Power Method abandons the traditional “Dan Tian based approach” and instead focuses on the balls of the feet for internal power generation.   The logo of our organization reflects this fact.  This is a revolutionary approach in which Dan Tian is only considered at most as important as any other body part in the course of generating internal power. 

     The basic mechanics were discovered by Master Pan in 1992 and since then the method has been constantly evolved and refined.  We believe that any martial artist, beginning or advanced, will greatly improve his/her skill after he/she acquires this body mechanics.  In October 2009, Master Wei-Chung Lin was authorized by Grandmaster Pan to set up and lead this organization.  We will give instructional workshops on internal martial arts and the Pre-Heaven Power Method regularly.