What is YiZungYue?

YiZungYue (易宗岳) is the name of the internal martial arts school founded by Grandmaster Pan Yue (潘岳) in Taipei, Taiwan.  It is a concatenation of "YiZung" and "Yue".

"YiZung" (易宗) is the name of the school founded by late Grandmaster Zhang Jun-Feng (張峻峰) in Taipei, Taiwan.  It was one of the major internal martial arts schools in Taiwan which has produced many prominant students such as the 2nd generation students Hong Yi-Xiang, Hong Yi-Mian and the 3rd generation students Luo De-Xiu, Su Dong-Cheng, and Xu Hong-Ji.  Master Pan is a disciple of Grandmaster Zhang's wife, late Grandmaster Shyu Bao-Mei (徐抱妹).


                                 Grandmaster Zhang Jun-FengGrandmaster Zhang Jun-Feng



Grandmaster Pan Yue (right) and his teacher Grandmaster Shyu Bao-Mei (left)Grandmaster Pan Yue (right) and his teacher Grandmaster Shyu Bao-Mei (left)


"Yue" (岳) is the Chinese character for "grand mountain" and is also the first name of Grandmaster Pan.  After Grandmaster Pan learned the internal martial arts from the YiZung school including Gao Yi-Sheng style Ba Gua (高義盛八卦體系), He Bei style Hsing Yi (河北形意), and Hao En-Guang style Tai Chi Chuan (郝恩光太極拳), he traveled through more than ten provinces of China to visit the martial arts experts and exchange ideas.   Eventually, he joined the Tianjin Gao style Ba Gua school and became a disciple of late Grandmaster Wang Shu-Sheng (王書聲).  Inspiring by the masters he has met and hoping to improve his skills further, he started to serach for optimal body mechanics by studying human anatomy after his journey in China.  The breakthrough discovery of the Pre-Heaven Power Method is a significant advancement of the YiZung martial arts he has learned and the addition of the characeter "Yue" after "YiZung" reflects this change.   On July 1997, a press conference , endorsed by many old generation Chinese martial arts masters, was held at the National Normal University in Taipei to announce the discovery of the revolutionary concept and its applicability to Chinese martial arts.  Many people believe that if there is a Nobel prize in martiaol arts, Grandmaster Pan will definitely be a recipient. 

 YiZungYue school logoYiZungYue school logo


 Note: The YiZungYue name is the property of Grandmaster Pan Yue and may not be copied, displayed, distributed, or used in any manner, commercial or otherwise, without his express permission.