Testimonials of Practitioners

"Pre heaven power is a uniquely identifiable power system that cannot be countered with external martial arts.  With almost indistinguishable movements, Master Wei-Chung Lin can produce a seemingly immeasurable force.  It is unlike traditional methods of fa jin that I have seen in that it can be delivered while talking, sitting, and from any defensive posture.
The training system for pre heaven power is unique in that it identifies key exercises to cultivate this power within.  There is no mysticism here, simply practice and refinement.  If you follow the exercises and work the system you will cultivate pre heaven power.  The world of martial arts is lucky to have such a forward-thinking power delivery method available to the public, as Pre Heaven could have easily been hidden away as a closed system, as is the tradition with such high level practitioners of internal power." 
--- by Ross Thomas, New York, New York
"After studying martial arts for 23 years, I found the “secret” of internal power in Pre-Heaven Power. Many Masters have written about and have demonstrated internal power in the past, but have either been unwilling to teach it, or did not have a specific method and system to pass it on to willing practitioners. This problem was solved when I joined AYZYIM. I think it is so amazing is because it is so versatile and the method can be applied to enhance whatever martial arts you are currently studying." 
--- by Andre Zielinski, Arlington Heights, Illinois
"To all future students or inquiring-minded martial artists: I have been a student and teacher of internal martial arts for 20 years.  Never have I seen a system or, structured form of learning as powerful and with such a dramatic results in a short period of time as I expierienced with my Pre-Heaven Power training with Master Wei-Chung Lin.  Life comes from breath and power comes from structure.  I spent years training with breath because the teachers I trained with in the past need to have me focus on something unattainable to allow years to pass in hopes of me (the student ) finding the secret of developing and using fajing.   This kind of training method was used by many teachers and masters in the past who found the secrets the same way through trial and error.  Finding the secrets through this type of process has one problem, i.e., when you finally reach success you cannot explain how you got there because you discovered it by accident.  I owe much gratitude to Master Lin for making me rethink, rediscover, and find that fajing power I was looking for in such a short period of time with a better understanding than I could have ever imagined.  Thank you Master Lin."
--- By John Ferrante, Woodstock, Illinois
"My name is Agustín López and I attended the seminar on the Pre-Heaven Power Method with Master Wei-Chung Lin.  I must say that my experience was very enjoyable and rewarding.  Master Lin is a great teacher who enjoys teaching.  I could feel his great love for martial arts, and ability to convey your interest in these arts.  Also the students and assistant instructors, as well as the rest of
the course participants, were all very helpful and nice.  I really liked the atmosphere during the course.

The methods Master Lin taught were very good and I learned many things.  I also learned to correctly perform the basic position of Xing Yi Quan; I can understand how I can extract more power for this position.  Videos of Master Pan Yue impressed me and made me realize that I was receiving a very special method that any serious martial artist should learn.  I sincerely hope that the Master Lin has much success in promoting this wonderful method, and from here I recommend to all those who are serious about martial arts to learn this amazing method.

Finally, I thank Master Lin and all his assistant instructors, the wonderful welcome I received, as well as the help and support throughout.  I hope to meet with them on future occasions.  Thank you very much everybody."
--- By Agustín López (Attendee of the 1st Int'l Workshop on the Pre-Heaven Power Method), Valencia, Spain
"It was a pleasure to meet and attend the workshop with Master Lin and his students. I found the Pre-Heaven Power System to be very practical, with a rich set of training processes and techniques. The weekend was packed with intense, challenging and fun training and I look forward to learning and practicing more of this amazing system."
--- By Kent Kollmeyer (Attendee of the 1st Int'l Workshop on the Pre-Heaven Power Method), Chicago, Illinois
"This was an excellent course.  Master Lin is a serious, dedicated, and highly skilled martial artist.  He has unique insight into the generation of power in the internal martial arts.  He is able to demonstrate the effectiveness of his approach during demonstrations and exercises, but more impressively he has formulated an organized curriculum to teach the techniques to his students.  A weekend course is too short to be able to master the techniques, but with Master Lin's explanations and guidance, is a very good start to implementing the concepts into the practitioner's practice."
--- By Greg Lam (Attendee of the 1st Int'l Workshop on the Pre-Heaven Power Method), Chicago, Illinois