The following is the official list of the instructors certified by AYZYIM and the links to their associate schools.  Any name that is not on this list is not qualified or endorsed by AYZYIM to instruct the American YiZungYue system described in the curriculum.   If you are a certified instructor and your name is not in the list, please contact us.




           Founder and Senior Instructor: Wei-Chung Lin, CTMAA

Associate Instructor: Michael Clarke, CTMAA 

Associate Instructor: Stephen Doyle, CTMAA

 Associate Instructor: Andrey Korchagin, CTMAA

 Associate Instructor: Lewis Rivera, CTMAA 

 Associate Instructor: John Ryan, CTMAA

Associate Instructor: Andre Zielinski, CTMAA

Associate Instructor: Robert Patelski, CTMAA


Assistant Instructor: Daniel Polotsky, CTMAA

Assistant Instructor: Michael Koziol, CTMAA





Associate Instructor: Chris Freel (e-mail address: )