Grandmaster Pan Yue

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     Grandmaster Pan Yue (潘岳) was born in 1946.  He holds the martial arts lineage of Master Zhang Jun-Feng (張峻峰) , the founder of “Taiwan Originated YiZung” (台始易宗) (a school for Ba Gua, Hsing Yi, and Tai Chi), as well as the martial arts lineage of Master Liu Feng-Tsai (劉鳳彩), the style leader of the Cheng School Gao Style Ba Gua System in Tianjin (天津程派高式八卦體系).  In order to pursue various systems of traditional internal martial arts, he has traveled in more than ten provinces of mainland China to visit teachers and friends, collect information, exchange views, and increase his knowledge.
     In recent years, he has investigated and discovered the secrets of martial arts and developed the Shian Tian Jin Fa (先天勁法) or the Pre-Heaven Power Method.  It is a method to explosively issue integrated power through the training of soles of the feet, the spine and the back.  It is also suitable for developing the potential energy of the human body.  It is a unique paradigm that creates a new field of martial arts training distinct from training in forms.
     Master Pan has authored three books (in Chinese): “Adventures into the World of Internal Martial Arts,” (縱橫內家武學)  “Solving Martial Arts Mysteries: A Breakthrough – The Fundamentals of the Pre-Heaven Power Method,” (突破拳學奧秘 ─ 先天勁下手功法) and “The Era Opening Pre-Heaven Power Method - The Advanced Training” (開元先天勁拳學 ─ 先天勁進階功法).  All are published by the Lion Books Martial Arts Publishing Company (逸文出版有限公司) of Taiwan.  The English translation of the second book can be purchased from this site.  He is currently the president of the Chinese YiZungYue Internal Martial Arts Research and Development Association (中華易宗岳內家武學研究發展學會) based in Taipei, Taiwan.
A tablet (with words: Deeply understand martial arts) from Prof. Kang Ge-Wu to Grandmaster PanA tablet (with words: Deeply understand martial arts) from Prof. Kang Ge-Wu to Grandmaster Pan