The AYZYIM logo, designed by Andre Zielinski,  depicts a "wind-fire wheel" (風火輪) under each foot of Nezha (哪吒), a Taoist protection deity, the enfant terrible, and trickster, of Chinese mythology.   The wind-fire wheels under Nezha's feet allow him to fly and travel at will.  Like Nezha, a martial artist who excels at the Pre-Heaven Power Method feels his feet vibrating at all times during action as if there are wind-fire wheels under his feet.  


(The above picture was downloaded from http://gsong.net/?tag=wind-fire-wheel&lang=en)


Note:  The AYZYIM logo is the property of Master Wei-Chung Lin and may not be copied, displayed, distributed, or used in any manner, commercial or otherwise, without his express permission.