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Taking classes on Chinese internal martial arts and the Pre-Heaven Power Method

 Please visit the Chinese Taoist Martial Arts Association website for information on the weekly classes of Taichi, Xingyi, Bagua, Wudang, and the Pre-Heaven Power Method.

English Translation of Grandmaster Pan's book is Available

The English translation of Grandmaster Pan's book on the Pre-Heaven Power Method is available now.  You can click the attached PDF file to view the Table of Contents and click here to purchase it online.

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Internal Martial Arts: Dan Tian or Balls of the Feet?

     Traditionally, practitioners of the internal martial arts focused on developing and generating power from Dan Tian, an area in the body centered around the navel.  It is commonly believed that by cultivation of the qi power in this area one can develop internal power.  This theory has guided the practitioners of internal martial arts for hundreds of years.   However, many people who adopt this approach still cannot develop any power after decades of training.


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